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Returning the Equipment

Please Prepare your Equipment As Follows:

• Leased assets returned to us must be complete and in good working order. You must include all components, power supplies and cables.
• Please ensure that all passwords are removed prior to return.
• All stickers that reference your company must be removed.
• Attach an A4 sheet with your company name to all items.
Move all equipment to a ground floor location ready for collection.

Please ensure there is sufficient Toner left inside the copier to enable us run a function test. Any extra toners can be placed in a sealed bag to be shipped with the copier.
• Tape the power cord up out of the way.
• The Hard Drive must NOT be removed from the unit.
• DO NOT place the photocopier on its side! This can seriously damage your copier.

For safety all equipment outside the Dublin area must be placed on a pallet and secured.

PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER please click on the following link

Bank Transfer and Invoicing

If you prefer you can deliver the equipment to us yourself, please bring enough manpower to unload your vehicle.
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